Spicy Tips: Save Your Fat!

As a fun addition to the recipes I share, I thought it was also imperative that I share simple tips!

Why? Because when I cook, these simple tips and tricks will save you a ton of aggravation (and make the food taste even better!)

So as my first tip to you, if you want to get the most out of food, you must utilize every part! Bacon is a prime example.

After cooking bacon, we’re always left over with the remnants of the fat/grease. And what is one to do with that grease?

Save it!

(I promise you, this has a delicious point.)

Bacon fat (along with duck fat) has this great flavor profile that lends itself to cooking leaner meats (i.e., ground turkey). Leaner meats have less fat and tend to dry out if you’re not careful, so adding a fatty quality to them is important. (And while I know there are health nuts who would say that this is a bad idea….using rendered fat is rather ingenious, no? It beats the hell out of the alternative of dry meat and you are utilizing something that we all normally throw away.)

So my advice to you is this: next time you cook bacon, save the fat and pour into a small glass (yes, glass, because plastic may melt if you pour hot fat into it), then cover and refrigerate. The fat will be easier to control when cold, especially when you can scoop a spoonful into a pan to help cook that ground turkey!

When you a get a chance, try it out!


~Jenny V


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