Spicy Tips: No more tears…maybe only a few

If you’re like me, chopping an onion is like bracing yourself for impact: you know the tears are coming and they won’t be pretty!

Matt and I have shared many moments where we have looked like we watched one too many sob stories after chopping one onion (or just making the first slice.) And mainly, we try to take pity on one another by trading off on who chops the onion for the next meal….the perks of being¬†reasonable.

Onions are smelly, they make our eyes water, but damn if they don’t add some great flavor to a dish. A bag of onions really does not last in our house….lots of our recipes require it! (And sometimes, we just want caramelized onions on top of a perfectly-cooked steak…who doesn’t?)

And what to do when it’s already cut open and you need to store it? That onion goes bad real fast! But, thanks in part to our binge-watching of Jacques Pepin, I want to drop some culinary knowledge: when you chop/slice up an onion, be sure to wash it!

Onions have a layer of sulfur on them, which makes them decompose quicker if left on there. If you chop up the onion, then soak for ten minutes in cold water, drain, and pat dry with a paper towel, that onion will stay in your fridge for at least a week instead of only a day or two. And by then, you will most likely use it in other applications of food preparation! (But I do strongly recommend you use those onions within that time frame. If not, toss it. They don’t last forever and if your fridge is like ours, the cold spots tend to freeze certain items–like those onions. Frozen onions are not fun.)

With this tip, go forth and chop onions! (Erm–at least for dinner. Who chops onions for fun?)

And as always, enjoy.

~ Jenny V


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